Metaphysics: Languages Realities, Consciousness, & the big-e.
A Natutral Philosophy & A Christian Illustration

Authored by: W. Dana Shea

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  • Addressed categories in this book include:
  • Philosophy / Metaphysics, Physics vs. Excess Energy Physics, Space, Time, Consciousness, Mental Life, Free Will & Spirit, Christian Process Philosophy, Social-Phychological Developmental Learning Theory, Languages & Words, M-Theory, Relativity, Quantum Phenomena, Memory & RNA/DNA, Symmetry vs. Non-Symmetry,Space/Time, Entanglement & Identity vs. Information & Probability, Reality  & Reality Qua Reality, Love vs. Hate, Salvation & How to Get Saved and Live IN Christ Jesus, Christian Living Examples, Extensive Footnotes, Index of Key Terms, and a Partially Annotated Bibliography.

  • All the above is presented in 146 pages, half of which is easy reading. The other half will be a challenge as I try to condense all of metaphysics into 146 pages. The alternative is to have written a much longer book, which would take more time for you to read.  This book does not strictly follow physics as it presently is conceived. My ideas do not fit into anyone's boxed ideas of what time, reality, and philosophy is. I want to change the box.  You will learn something from this book if you follow my logic and think as you slowly read it. It is very logical.
  • About the author:
    W. Dana Shea, B.A., M.A., M.S.L.S., is a retired librarian and social philosopher who is willing to attempt what most scholars believe is impossible - unite the physical basis of all knowledge in a coherent explanation. He has always had an interest in developing scientifically based metaphysics. Upon retirement, he started further studies the subjects by reading and taking courses in physics and metaphysics at the local university, and doing electrical physics experiments at home.
    This book speculates as to how science can physically account for ideas, mental processes, and spiritual experiences and how it can accounts for how they can change. In doing so, it offers an understandable explanation by speculatively expanding scientific paradigms explaining: What spirit is; How agency, free will, or choice, can process in quantum waves in our nervous system; The biological process behind unity of being; What human reality and reality qua reality are; What time is verses what moments are verses what space/time is; The processes involved in consciousness, and many other seemingly insolvable problems. It offers a natural explanation to update Whiteheads metaphysics by using the non-symmetries behind all symmetries logically demonstrated by the American Philosopher Charles Hartshorne, using formal deductive logic. It also shows how the paradigms of the social-psychological and developmental-psychology can explain processes scientists cannot see in quantum phenomenon might be if the social, intellectual, and spiritual worlds involve such quantum phenomenon in the physical structures in our brains. In doing so, it shows the processes by which our world views might mirror what takes place in quantum phenomenon in "literary universes." It is written scholarly in format with many footnotes written below the text on the same page, often used for more formal proofs, and/or intellectual rabbit trails.

    This book proceeds from its more possible ideas in its beginning to its less probable ideas at its end. For example, it presents a method to aid the human learning process in its beginning and a potential source of nonpolluting electrical power in it end, by taking its non-symmetry themes to their logical conclusions. At the very least, even if many of its speculations are wrong, by addressing these issues, it provides a clear outline and statement of what the unity of sciences movement must address if the physical sciences are to be merged with each other and with the social sciences. This is natural process philosophy, and process metaphysics at its very best!
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    146              This is an academic style book, with footnotes. If doublespaced, it would be 400 pgs. Verdana font. Easy on the eyes.
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    US Trade Paperback. Perfect bound.
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    5.5" x 8.5"  Large sized book to make illustrations and diagrams clearer.
    American English
    Black and White with Black and White Illustrations and Diagrams.
    Below are Three Videos Demonstrating a Unipole at high voltage (9,000 volts from a neon sign transformer.)
    This unipole is always negative showing that all high voltages are negative with respect to ground or earth.
    Basically what happens is that an AC voltage-current at 60 cycles per second is rectified into a pulsating DC voltage-current at 120 cycles per second. This happens with all high voltages-currents with respect to the earth. 



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